In the museum

Today we went to the Budapest  History Museum on the Vár.  It was really fun!!  Well, only one part wasn’t fun.  I was soaking wet and I had stepped in a puddle so my shoe was soaking wet [you might have had this happen to you and if it has, you must have an idea of how miserable I felt, squishing around a museum in soaking wet shoes].  Oh well, I’ll carry on with the museum stuff.  On the first floor, we ran into a crown, which I absolutely loved!   The second and third floors were mostly filled with tools and pottery which I was half interested in.  The cellar was my favourite.  It was so big, Mom and I got lost looking for Dad in it, and Dad got lost looking for us!  In the cellar, well this part wasn’t exactly a cellar, it  was a church.  It was beautiful and cool. Ever heard of an underground church?????

Rainy day at the Vár


Decorated bowl

Like a puzzle!

Roman coin bank

Creepy wall creature in cellar

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On the Danube

Hello again!!  I’m late again in writing and I’m NOT happy about it. [I’m also very very sorry.]   This post is going to be about a boat ride I took up and down the Danube River.  Here we go!!!!  On the trip, we saw both Buda and Pest.  We saw the Parliament [on the Pest side] and Buda Vár [on the Buda side].  Did I tell you how Buda and Pest were two different cities and then they became one?  Well, if I didn’t, I just did.  Back to the boat! [” back to the boat” is true, because we came back for a night cruise]  We also saw big hotels and such.  We also saw Margaret sziget [“sziget” is island in Hungarian], and there were lots and lots of other boats.  It was very, very cold; everyone bundled up in blankets.

Photo gallery again!


Parliament at night

The Vár

The Vár at night


Lanchíd (Chain Bridge)

Sleeping me!

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In the labyrinth

Interesting and fun:  did you know that’s what history can be?  The historic labyrinth [which is made up of natural caves and man-made cellars] underneath the Buda Vár – the royal palace in Budapest – is full of prisons and fun history…  Like my reporter-ish style of writing?  Well, I went to the labyrinth and that’s exactly what it was.

Map of the labyrinth

Me in one of the tunnels

VERY interesting fact: Count Dracula was NOT a vampire and he went to prison in the labyrinth [for 12 years]!!  And I went into his cell!!!!!!!

A note about Dracula

Me and Dad in Dracula’s cell

There were also wax figures in scenes of a masquerade ball.

Wax figures

Old chimneys that go up and up are all over the place!

Bye bye!

P.S.  I’ll probably write again in a day or two; if more, sorry.

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