The market

Hello!!!  There is a certain market on the Pest side that is absolutely filled with good things to eat, wonderful Hungarian clothing, handmade crafts, and lots of souvenirs [as I like to call them, mementos], and this is where I got my Hungarian dress and skirt.  The full outfit includes a vest, but we didn’t get one ’cause it itched the back of my neck.  [My outfit is multicoloured.]  There were also lots of furry caps! The market building reminds me of a large, old grocery store.

Hungarian sausages


Produce stand


Zither seller


Central Market Hall, Pest

My traditional folk costume

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On the Danube

Hello again!!  I’m late again in writing and I’m NOT happy about it. [I’m also very very sorry.]   This post is going to be about a boat ride I took up and down the Danube River.  Here we go!!!!  On the trip, we saw both Buda and Pest.  We saw the Parliament [on the Pest side] and Buda Vár [on the Buda side].  Did I tell you how Buda and Pest were two different cities and then they became one?  Well, if I didn’t, I just did.  Back to the boat! [” back to the boat” is true, because we came back for a night cruise]  We also saw big hotels and such.  We also saw Margaret sziget [“sziget” is island in Hungarian], and there were lots and lots of other boats.  It was very, very cold; everyone bundled up in blankets.

Photo gallery again!


Parliament at night

The Vár

The Vár at night


Lanchíd (Chain Bridge)

Sleeping me!

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