Parliament and views

Today we went on a tour of the Parliament building.  It was really cool!!!  There were a lot of gold things.  Gold statues, gold chandeliers, gold everything!!! [Well, maybe not everything, but a lot.]  My favourite was the Crown of Hungary.  It was pretty dirty, but it was so cool!!!  I also liked the sceptre and the orb.  [The orb is something that a king or queen would hold when they were crowned.]


P.S.  The bottom of the stained glass windows was made to look like curtains!

Great view of Parliament!

Gold details

Grand Staircase

Hungary’s Crown jewels

The House of Parliament

Stained glass curtains

Hungary’s symbolic revolutionary flag

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On the Danube

Hello again!!  I’m late again in writing and I’m NOT happy about it. [I’m also very very sorry.]   This post is going to be about a boat ride I took up and down the Danube River.  Here we go!!!!  On the trip, we saw both Buda and Pest.  We saw the Parliament [on the Pest side] and Buda Vár [on the Buda side].  Did I tell you how Buda and Pest were two different cities and then they became one?  Well, if I didn’t, I just did.  Back to the boat! [” back to the boat” is true, because we came back for a night cruise]  We also saw big hotels and such.  We also saw Margaret sziget [“sziget” is island in Hungarian], and there were lots and lots of other boats.  It was very, very cold; everyone bundled up in blankets.

Photo gallery again!


Parliament at night

The Vár

The Vár at night


Lanchíd (Chain Bridge)

Sleeping me!

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