A market in Slovakia

Hi again!  Today we went to a Slovakian market [of course it was in Slovakia to be called Slovakian].  It was really fun.  I got a balloon [more like one and a half, because one was a clown-made animal balloon].  I also got to eat a bit of my Mom’s chimney cake, which was basically a cake baked into a tube [I liked it].  I tried a roasted chestnut, but I didn’t like it very much.  Fact:  this market has been held every October for 466 years!

Another fact: the border between Slovakia and Hungary is in the middle of the Danube River!!! [For a bit ,then it’s on land.]  I crossed through the river part on a big green bridge.  I forgot to mention, my mom’s cousin [I had to write that because I don’t know what that is exactly, like a grandma’s sister is a great aunt, and so on.]  It was too bad I don’t know hungarian, because that was all she spoke.  Finally we crossed the bridge again and Dad and I played with rocks.


P.S. Has the snowplow come and made the snowdrifts on the edge of the pavement yet?

Dad and me at the Slovakian market

Crossing the border

Clown making balloons

My cat balloon!

Chimney cake maker

Chestnut roaster

Mom’s cousin Zsuzsi and Nagymama

Dad and me playing on the Danube

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The market

Hello!!!  There is a certain market on the Pest side that is absolutely filled with good things to eat, wonderful Hungarian clothing, handmade crafts, and lots of souvenirs [as I like to call them, mementos], and this is where I got my Hungarian dress and skirt.  The full outfit includes a vest, but we didn’t get one ’cause it itched the back of my neck.  [My outfit is multicoloured.]  There were also lots of furry caps! The market building reminds me of a large, old grocery store.

Hungarian sausages


Produce stand


Zither seller


Central Market Hall, Pest

My traditional folk costume

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