A surprise up Gellért Hill

Hello hello HELLO!! Sorry I was late in writing to you guys, except things are really busy since we arrived here in Budapest. Here, there, everywhere. I was about to write to you last night but we came back late and I had to have a shower. ENOUGH ABOUT NOT WRITING!!!!!!

Last night, we [“we” as in my cousins and my aunt and uncle, and of course Mom and Dad] went out for a Hungarian dinner [I’m going to have a photo gallery about that!].  I had chicken paprikash.  My favourite!!  There were also people in costumes who danced, and there was music and singing!  [I liked that!]

After that, we [this time, one cousin and my uncle, Mom and Dad] went for a walk up Gellérthegy [Gellért Hill]. It was a gorgeous view from the top! [photo gallery for this also].  And guess what I saw! my first  real, live … HEDGEHOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yep, I mean H-E-D-G-E-H-O-G hedgehog!  And it was ad-OR-able!!  Sorry, no photos, he was too fast and the camera wasn’t working. Photo gallery time!!!

Me and my family having dinner

Chicken paprikash!

Enjoying the view

Buda Vár (the Palace) and Chain Bridge at night

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