Parliament and views

Today we went on a tour of the Parliament building.  It was really cool!!!  There were a lot of gold things.  Gold statues, gold chandeliers, gold everything!!! [Well, maybe not everything, but a lot.]  My favourite was the Crown of Hungary.  It was pretty dirty, but it was so cool!!!  I also liked the sceptre and the orb.  [The orb is something that a king or queen would hold when they were crowned.]


P.S.  The bottom of the stained glass windows was made to look like curtains!

Great view of Parliament!

Gold details

Grand Staircase

Hungary’s Crown jewels

The House of Parliament

Stained glass curtains

Hungary’s symbolic revolutionary flag

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In the museum

Today we went to the Budapest  History Museum on the Vár.  It was really fun!!  Well, only one part wasn’t fun.  I was soaking wet and I had stepped in a puddle so my shoe was soaking wet [you might have had this happen to you and if it has, you must have an idea of how miserable I felt, squishing around a museum in soaking wet shoes].  Oh well, I’ll carry on with the museum stuff.  On the first floor, we ran into a crown, which I absolutely loved!   The second and third floors were mostly filled with tools and pottery which I was half interested in.  The cellar was my favourite.  It was so big, Mom and I got lost looking for Dad in it, and Dad got lost looking for us!  In the cellar, well this part wasn’t exactly a cellar, it  was a church.  It was beautiful and cool. Ever heard of an underground church?????

Rainy day at the Vár


Decorated bowl

Like a puzzle!

Roman coin bank

Creepy wall creature in cellar

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