Fun fun FUN!!!!!!!! That’s what Oktoberfest in Germany was.  Rides and food and fun galore.  Roller coasters to spinny rides, Ferris Wheels to bungee jumps, and everything that makes a fun day.  Lots of people wore costumes: the men wore lederhosen and the women wore dirndls.  I went on the Ferris Wheel and Carousel and went into the Fun House.  SO COOL!!!  I also got a dolphin balloon and some glow sticks!  As I told you, fun fun FUN!!!

Fun house

Spinny rides!


Girls in dirndls

My friend the dolphin!

Me in a dirndl!

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My first castle

Hi again!!

I went to Heidelberg, Germany yesterday and it was fun!!!! Here’s why it’s so fun…    IT’S A CASTLE!!!!!!!!!!!!     Have you ever been to a castle?  It’s really, really cool!  Especially this one!!!  The  Schloss Heidelberg is in ruins and some parts of it being renovated and parts have already been fixed and are being used. Enough about fixing!  There are  broken towers, courtyards, fountains, it’s history galore!!!

Here are some photos!

Schloss Heidelberg

Annie by the fountain


Looking over Neckar River valley

Broken tower

Cool lion!

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On the Flight

Hello class!

It was a long ride on the plane! 8 and a half hours!!! I my brought friend Bear along. [He’s very fuzzy!!!]  I drew,read and watched movies for a couple of hours and then I went to bed. Here’s a photo of me drawing!!

P.S. Our plane did NOT have the way cool lights. DARN!!!!!

Our route.

P.P.S.  I also kept track of where we were with a map.

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Hello class [and family]!

Hi! ONE important thing I want to say is … I CANNOT WAIT TO GO TO EUROPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can’t wait to get on the plane either. It’s going to be an international! [if you don’t know what’s so exciting about international planes it’s that they have these way-cool lights that change colors according to what time it is! For an example when it’s night they turn dark blue!]

New art supplies!

I needed something to do on the plane so I bought some new art items! When I come back I might just bring some of my drawings to show! How would you like that?


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