The Playmobil Fun Park!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today was the best day of this whole vacation!!!!  I went to the …  PLAYMOBIL FUN PARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Fun fun FUN!!!!  I’ll start with the pirate ship.  It was cool.  There were paddle boats that you could row around in and my Mom almost dumped me in the water!  Me and my Dad were planning on taking a boat ride and Mom would take pictures on the shore; well, at the last moment, as Dad and I were taking off, Mom jumped on.  The paddle boat tipped, getting Mom and Dad’s sneakers soaked.  Luckily, I jumped to the other side of the boat, because I hate getting soaking wet shoes.  There also were Playmobil sets that you could play with.  I also got a cool cup that changes when you move it and its 3d!  [It’s a princess one, though.]  The balancing thing was fun too, but it was a little tricky.  There was also a thing made of ropes that monkeys would love, and I liked it except I would like it better if it was in the shade.  It was the best day ever!!!!

This is the  last post in this blog, so I’ll see you soon!!!!!

Playmobil royalty!

More Playmobil royalty!

Pirates, ahoy!

Paddling our raft

Bumper pirates

Coming ashore

On the ropes!

Keeping my balance

View of the Castle

Jungle gym

I love cats!

Riding the mythical beast

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Parliament and views

Today we went on a tour of the Parliament building.  It was really cool!!!  There were a lot of gold things.  Gold statues, gold chandeliers, gold everything!!! [Well, maybe not everything, but a lot.]  My favourite was the Crown of Hungary.  It was pretty dirty, but it was so cool!!!  I also liked the sceptre and the orb.  [The orb is something that a king or queen would hold when they were crowned.]


P.S.  The bottom of the stained glass windows was made to look like curtains!

Great view of Parliament!

Gold details

Grand Staircase

Hungary’s Crown jewels

The House of Parliament

Stained glass curtains

Hungary’s symbolic revolutionary flag

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In the museum

Today we went to the Budapest  History Museum on the Vár.  It was really fun!!  Well, only one part wasn’t fun.  I was soaking wet and I had stepped in a puddle so my shoe was soaking wet [you might have had this happen to you and if it has, you must have an idea of how miserable I felt, squishing around a museum in soaking wet shoes].  Oh well, I’ll carry on with the museum stuff.  On the first floor, we ran into a crown, which I absolutely loved!   The second and third floors were mostly filled with tools and pottery which I was half interested in.  The cellar was my favourite.  It was so big, Mom and I got lost looking for Dad in it, and Dad got lost looking for us!  In the cellar, well this part wasn’t exactly a cellar, it  was a church.  It was beautiful and cool. Ever heard of an underground church?????

Rainy day at the Vár


Decorated bowl

Like a puzzle!

Roman coin bank

Creepy wall creature in cellar

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Oldest subway on The Continent

Today we went on the oldest subway on the continent, Budapest yellow line.  It’s really old!!  The cars are yellow, just like the blue line cars are blue. Speaking of cars, when the doors open, they make this terrific crashing noise as they bang into their places, when they close, and to warn people not to get on any more, a red light turns on above the door and a loud buzzing starts.  It reminded me of some robotic emergency.  


Restored subway platform

Hósök Tére station (Heroes’ Square)

Dad on the oldest subway on The Continent

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In Bugyi

Today we went to my great-aunt and uncle’s house in Bugyi.  They have an extremely energetic dog.  You toss his ball, he goes flying across the yard after it.  I found we didn’t do very much. Went for a walk, adults talked, and talked, and talked. NOT much fun at all.  Humfh. Again I couldn’t speak because of the different language.  Darn.  The only fun thing about it was lifting cut brownies onto the serving plate. Then eating them.  YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bugyi basically translates as… underwear! [the reason I’m telling you this is because Bugyi is the name of the town] [will be repeated in postcard when it comes to you].


Serving brownies with Great-Aunt Joli

Lunch with family

My Great-Uncle and Aunt’s house

My Great-Uncle Gabor

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A market in Slovakia

Hi again!  Today we went to a Slovakian market [of course it was in Slovakia to be called Slovakian].  It was really fun.  I got a balloon [more like one and a half, because one was a clown-made animal balloon].  I also got to eat a bit of my Mom’s chimney cake, which was basically a cake baked into a tube [I liked it].  I tried a roasted chestnut, but I didn’t like it very much.  Fact:  this market has been held every October for 466 years!

Another fact: the border between Slovakia and Hungary is in the middle of the Danube River!!! [For a bit ,then it’s on land.]  I crossed through the river part on a big green bridge.  I forgot to mention, my mom’s cousin [I had to write that because I don’t know what that is exactly, like a grandma’s sister is a great aunt, and so on.]  It was too bad I don’t know hungarian, because that was all she spoke.  Finally we crossed the bridge again and Dad and I played with rocks.


P.S. Has the snowplow come and made the snowdrifts on the edge of the pavement yet?

Dad and me at the Slovakian market

Crossing the border

Clown making balloons

My cat balloon!

Chimney cake maker

Chestnut roaster

Mom’s cousin Zsuzsi and Nagymama

Dad and me playing on the Danube

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