I owe a HUGE apology to all my readers, friends and the like. I was having so much fun in Europe, I forgot to write about a lot of things. For starters, I didn’t write about NORWAY. Yes, I went there, and Yes, I know I didn’t write about it. After you have calmed down from hearing about my monstrous betrayal*, it gets worse. I, um, went to, uh, Paris? And I didn’t write about it, the Eiffel tower, The huge ginormous terribly large Louvre museum,the basilica, the catacombs, or anything else, which I AM SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SOSOSOSOSOSOS SORRY about. I want to apologize again for leaving you desperate for information, so SORRY! (x infinity) I might start a new blog, that way I can write about ALL the cool things in my life, not just in Europe. I am going to try to put in a few pics of Paris, so you can see a bit, k? And yes, it is almost a year since I went, and I haven’t apologized till now. I’m still sorry.

Your extremely sorry friend,


*O.K, maybe it wasn’t that big but exaggerating is sorta fun ok?

P.S. I’m sorry guys, pictures aren’t uploaded to the computer. I will try again a different time ok?

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