Hello class! On our second Wednesday in Europe, we went to Amsterdam. My Dad’s cousin Connie and her sons Peter and Erik took us to the Rijksmuseum(Pronounced Riks-museum). The Rijksmuseum is a really really really big museum, established on May 31st, 1800. From Armor to airplanes, oriental plates to antique dollhouses, this place has it all! It has around five thousand paintings, large and small, according to a staff member we asked. Is anyone familiar with the painting ‘The milkmaid”? Or with the ‘NIghtwatch’? The museum had those two paintings, and many, many others. I can’t believe I actually saw the milkmaid! She is really famous. Then Peter and Erik got bored of looking at paintings, so Connie took the three of us to other parts of the museum. We saw the weapons, airplanes, oriental plates(did not stay there for very long), the library, and I think a few more places that I can’t remember. We don’t have very many photos from inside the Rijksmuseum, partly because we were to busy and partly because we weren’t allowed. After teaming back up with Fried and Astrid, we had lunch. Then we went on a boat tour around Amsterdam. On that tour I learned that because people are sometimes careless when they are leaning there bikes against trees and bike locks, often the bikes fall into the canal! The city cleans out over a thousand bikes a year out of the canals! That is a lot of bikes. After we went to Connie’s apartment. We had dinner, the adults talked and Erik and I played on our iPads. Peter was at work. Then we left and it took a long hour to get home. That was our day in Amsterdam.

I will finish the blog tomorrow ok?



Peter, Erik and I walking toward the front of the Rijksmuseum.


Back(left to right): Astrid, Fried, Connie, Peter.
Front(left to right) Me, then Erik.


Us in our booth in the tour boat.


I made this photo big so you can see the milkmaid better. Do you recognize her? She is the one on the left. 


Me and my zodiac sign. Gemini. We found all the signs on the floor. Very nice tile work, don’t you think?

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