Family Monday!

Goedendag! That means ‘Hello!” in Dutch! Anyway, I will now proceed to write a post about the family gathering. I warn you, it will be long. So, I will begin. The gathering took place Easter Monday in the Buurthuis (difficult to pronounce, and I can’t put it into letters). Anyway, ‘buurthuis’ basically translates into ‘community centre’. Almost all of the close relatives showed up, and there were actually quite a few family members around my age! But there were also a lot of adult family members. In fact, in the next few days, we went to visit a few of them, but not all.  I played outside with all the other kids while the adults-of course-talked. When most of the kids were gone, my cousin Erik and I had a grass fight. That means we threw grass at each other. And we may have throw other vegetation too. In case you were wondering, we were not mad at each other. It was entirely for fun. I think we left soon-ish after that. Anyway, the pictures attached to this post will tell you a lot more than this post will, so I will stop writing and concentrate on getting a million photos where and how they should be.

Will blog some more tomorrow,


P.S. Ok, I was exaggerating. It will not be a million photos. More like ten.

P.P.S. A little piece of advice; never lie down in a field of long, green, wet grass without wearing something that covers all of you except for you eyes, mouth and nose, due to the fact that you might get a horrible, ugly, grey slug. Yes, slug. I was unfortunately not provided with this piece of information, so I had a horrible, ugly, grey slug on my leg. Eww.


THE COMMUNITY CENTRE. Oops. Did not mean to capitalize….. Oh well. Don’t feel like fixing it.


A family crowd.


My friend Cato and I drawing.


Another family crowd.


My Dad holding me up and giving a speech.


My Dad Skyped my Grandpa and Grandma and took them around to everyone at the gathering.


The slug field. You can see some of my cousins, and I am running over to Dad. I wish I had not worn a dress….

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