the beach!

Hello! Last Monday my Dad’s cousin Peiternel( pronounced Peter-NELL) took my Dad and I to the beach near Wassenar(pronounced Vos-in-AR)! It was not like a normal beach trip, because the ocean was to cold to swim. But I still had fun. Playing in the sand and in the waves. I love playing in the sand. Do you? Are you wondering what I did when I played in the waves? Well I played a game that is fun but can get very boring. This is what I did. I ran up to the water, then when the wave came in I ran away from it. Then when I got bored of that, I took to jumping over the front of the waves when they came in. My dad and his cousin talked. That seems to me that thats all adults ever do. If they are not working, they are talking. I just can’t understand why someone would rather talk then play. Do you understand why someone would do that? Choosing talking over playing? I don’t get that. Anyway, the next night a different cousin of my dad’s named Rosalien took us out for dinner. We went to the beach again. While we were eating I noticed a ship that was spewing what looked like sand into the water. We asked a waiter about it and they explained. They said that the ocean took sand from this beach and deposited it far away. That ship goes and scoops up sand from where the ocean takes it, then comes here every night to fill in the hole where the sand used to be with sand again.Does that seem complicated? Probably. Try to make sense of it. You can comment if you have questions. Well, I have said all of the things I needed to say, so I will say one more thing:

I will write again soon,



Me playing in the waves!


My Dad, Peiternel and I.


We found some whit hair stuck on a barbed wire fence. We don’t know what it came from.


Close-up of the dirt, sand and seashell path!


The black spot on the water is the sand-spewing ship! Unfortunately not spewing sand at the moment. :l



3 responses to “the beach!

  1. Hello Annie was it fun playing in the waves? How many sea shells did you collect when you were at the beach? What was the temperature of the water? It’s supposed to snow here tomorrow. 😦 Did you find anything washed up on the shore? Did you see the tide and was it going fast? Have you got a tan at the beach?

  2. Hi class! Of course it was fun playing in the waves! Why wouldn’t it be? I didn’t collect very many shells, only two blue ones and three snail shells. I can’t say I know the temperature of the water, but I can say I know it was cold. It was just warm enough to play in, luckily. I’m sorry it’s supposed to snow. It’s very nice here. I didn’t find anything washed up except shells. And I did see the tide and yes, it was coming in fast. And NO, I did NOT get a tan. I absolutely did not get a tan. Thank you very much for asking. NOT! OK then, all your questions have been answered. I promise I will blog some posts later. All right?


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