HI! I’m writing from Haaswijk(Pronounce has-vike.) ! It’s in Holland, or the Netherlands. It’s really, really nice here. It’s right beside Noord Aa. That’s a river. But it’s not like a normal river. It’s kinda like a creek. And it does not move very much.In fact, it moves very little. But right around haaswijk, it becomes a kind of lake! Right beside our house! And in the village close by, it is just a narrow channel of water beside the road. The village here is kind of cool. On the north side of the road, the water pretty much at sea level, and the south side of the road is below sea level. But it isn’t flooded with water! That’s because the inhabitants of Holland pumped all the water out into the canal, which would carry it to sea. Oops, got sidetracked. So, more about haaswijk. There are two family members who actually live here, they are my Dad’s aunt Door (I call her Tante Door) and his cousin Fried (pronounced ‘Freet’). Tante Door is really, really nice! Also, my grandpa grew up here. I don’t know what room. It could have been the one I sleep in! And I made a new friend! Her name is  Catootje. I call her Cato. She is 7 years old. She is also my cousin. Is that what someone would be if they are the daughter or your dads cousin? Anyway, she very is nice. The only problem is, she speaks Dutch and no English, and I speak English and no Dutch. But we can kind of understand each other. My dad says this: “All children can communicate using the universal language of play!”

I think thats all.

Write to you later!



Me and Cato!


Haaswijk and a bit of Noord Aa


One response to “Haaswijk!

  1. I’m so glad you made a friend, Annie! Cato is your “second cousin”, because she is the daughter of Kees, who is Dad’s “first cousin”. The parents of “first cousins” are siblings (in this case, Grandpa and Kees’ dad or mom). Maybe you can write to Cato after your trip, as a penpal. I’m sure Dad can help translate at your end, and Cato’s mom or dad can help translate at her end.
    Does she like your rainbow loom?
    Have you gone boating on the canal yet? I think that would be fun.
    Please say “hello” to Tante Door, Fried, Astrid, and everyone else from me. I wish I could see them again and see Haaswijk!
    I’m looking forward to hearing about your trip to Ghent!
    xo mom

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