The Flight

HI! So I’m gonna talk(or write?!) about the flight. (Did you gather that, from the title of the post?) So, the facts. The flight started in Calgary, North America, and its destination was Frankfurt, Europe. The plane was a Boeing 777! (newest, biggest kind!) Unfortunately, it was  not double-decked. Duration*: 9 hours(long time. yes i got bored. like usual.). Oh yeah, do you remember me talking about colour-changing lights in the last post? Well, this plane had them! They were really cool. Some of the colours were pink, green, light blue(I think!) and dark blue. I forget what colours matched with what times, but that doesn’t really matter, right?

Anyway, the flight was great. Except for the toddler screaming in the seats behind mine. That was…. not great. Really not was like this: WAHH AAII WAH WAAAAAAAAAAAAH AAAAAAAAAWAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well, not exactly  like that, but pretty close. Anyway, you get the point right? That it was very, very ANNOYING? Ooh, i forgot to tell you about the engines! They were HUGE!!!!(Probably because they need to move such a giant plane!

So, I think that’s all, so I will say….

Goodbye for now! Yes, I will write again soon.

Your traveling classmate, family member, etc….



P.S. I saw the northern lights! (kinda)

P.P.S We were in the front seats in Economy Class!
(Which is behind business class.)


A view of the River Rhine and a bit of the engine!












This was our plane!










* Duration means how long it took.

4 responses to “The Flight

  1. I’m glad you finally got to see the special lights on the overseas flight, Annie. Usually they use the blues at the beginning of the flight, when it is evening, before they turn down the cabin lights for everyone to sleep, and they use the pink in the morning, to wake everyone up before landing.
    Did you watch any movies on the flight? How was the food?
    I’m at the airport again myself, waiting for my flight from Victoria back to Calgary – it’s delayed, again.
    This morning I flew on a float plane from Vancouver harbour to Victoria harbour – it was fun! You’ll see some photos on my Facebook page when you get back on-line.
    I’m looking forward to hearing all about the farm and meeting your great-aunts and cousins!
    Miss you! xo mom

  2. I watched some of Frozen, but the food was horrible. Like usual. Daddy and I shared the food cause I wasn’t very hungry. We had beef stroganoff and it was all slimy and warm. Ewww.

  3. Hello Annie, we are glad you are having fun in Europe! 🙂 What did the northern lights look like? We hope you get back safely. How was the flight? What did it feel like when the plane took off?
    Did you have to use head phones when you were watching frozen? And did you have to pay for your head phones if you were listening And watching the movie? What is the most fun thing you have done so far?

  4. It’s good to hear from everyone in 4B! Anyway, you wanted some answers and I plan to give you some. A1(Northern lights) They kinda looked like green blobs in the sky. They weren’t anything like the Northern lights you see in pictures on the internet, just weird green clouds in the sky. A2(Good flight) Like I said in the post, the flight was great. Except for the screaming toddler behind me. A3(What it felt like) When the plane had jut left the ground and was climbing to its cruising altitude, it felt like I was being pressed into my seat a bit and I was sitting in a tilted chair. A4(headphones) Yes I did have to wear headphones, because I would not want to disturb my fellow passengers.
    A5 I’m not entirely sure this is answer you were looking for, so I will just do my best. I did not have to pay for headphones because I brought my own headphones. And if you thought I was watching it on the airplane’s screen, you are wrong. I brought my own computer. I watched it on that.Last answer: I have not been able to write very many posts because we are so busy all of the time(We leave at 9 in the morning, we get back at 8-11.); so I have done way more things than blog says I have. My favourite day was probably the day I spent in Belgium with Laura. I think those are all the answers you needed, so I will go comment on the other questions, Ok?


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