Leaving today!

Hello! I think you know where I’m going? If you don’t, I’M GOING TO EUROPE!

Of course,I had to pack. it was NOT fun. It went a bit like this: “I’m taking this, so can’t can’t take this, but- oh, this would be better to take than that, because it’s that colour, and I already have a shirt that colour…” And there was also packing my carry-on (books, computer, things to do, you know?), but that was a little fun. By the way, have you read my very, very, very first post? Like way, way, way back? When I mentioned lights on the airplane that changed colour depending on what time it was? I hope our plane has those lights. Last time it didn’t.    :[

I will write again soon!


P.S: Please note that when I DO write again, I will be across the ocean. In EUROPE! (for the second time!   :D)


My carry-on suitcase!


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