The Playmobil Fun Park!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today was the best day of this whole vacation!!!!  I went to the …  PLAYMOBIL FUN PARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Fun fun FUN!!!!  I’ll start with the pirate ship.  It was cool.  There were paddle boats that you could row around in and my Mom almost dumped me in the water!  Me and my Dad were planning on taking a boat ride and Mom would take pictures on the shore; well, at the last moment, as Dad and I were taking off, Mom jumped on.  The paddle boat tipped, getting Mom and Dad’s sneakers soaked.  Luckily, I jumped to the other side of the boat, because I hate getting soaking wet shoes.  There also were Playmobil sets that you could play with.  I also got a cool cup that changes when you move it and its 3d!  [It’s a princess one, though.]  The balancing thing was fun too, but it was a little tricky.  There was also a thing made of ropes that monkeys would love, and I liked it except I would like it better if it was in the shade.  It was the best day ever!!!!

This is the  last post in this blog, so I’ll see you soon!!!!!

Playmobil royalty!

More Playmobil royalty!

Pirates, ahoy!

Paddling our raft

Bumper pirates

Coming ashore

On the ropes!

Keeping my balance

View of the Castle

Jungle gym

I love cats!

Riding the mythical beast

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