In Bugyi

Today we went to my great-aunt and uncle’s house in Bugyi.  They have an extremely energetic dog.  You toss his ball, he goes flying across the yard after it.  I found we didn’t do very much. Went for a walk, adults talked, and talked, and talked. NOT much fun at all.  Humfh. Again I couldn’t speak because of the different language.  Darn.  The only fun thing about it was lifting cut brownies onto the serving plate. Then eating them.  YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bugyi basically translates as… underwear! [the reason I’m telling you this is because Bugyi is the name of the town] [will be repeated in postcard when it comes to you].


Serving brownies with Great-Aunt Joli

Lunch with family

My Great-Uncle and Aunt’s house

My Great-Uncle Gabor

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