My first castle

Hi again!!

I went to Heidelberg, Germany yesterday and it was fun!!!! Here’s why it’s so fun…    IT’S A CASTLE!!!!!!!!!!!!     Have you ever been to a castle?  It’s really, really cool!  Especially this one!!!  The  Schloss Heidelberg is in ruins and some parts of it being renovated and parts have already been fixed and are being used. Enough about fixing!  There are  broken towers, courtyards, fountains, it’s history galore!!!

Here are some photos!

Schloss Heidelberg

Annie by the fountain


Looking over Neckar River valley

Broken tower

Cool lion!

6 responses to “My first castle

  1. Hi Annie, me again. I love to visit castle as well and I have seen several in Germany and France. But not this one. Looks awesome and the history behind it is always nice to hear about to.

  2. Wow thank you for sending us these pictures. We appreciate new information on life in Germany. Octoberfest looks fun. There is one celebration we wish we could have joined you on.
    your friends in 3A

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